Converting The
Power of LinkedIn

Turning Conversations into Successful Sales

The Five Phases of ProspectIn Lead Generation

Delivering Results Every time

Profile Optimisiation

First impressions ALWAYS count when it comes to your Linkedin profile. For this reason, the first phase of the ConnectIN system is a review of this vital aspect of the initial marketing window.

Create The Target Audience

In our initial discovery session, we will have determined the criteria necessary to use within LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator platform to find your potential clients.

Connecting With Your Target Audience

The connections we make must have significance to the contact. We tailor each connection request to elicit the best chance of a Response.

Creating Dialogue With Your Accepted Connections

Accepted connections will be quickly responded to, further qualifying the prospect. At this point, we will send a personalised message or elevator pitch.

Data Collation​

Included in our main packages. We will provide a weekly spreadsheet with data obtained from all LinkedIn contacts that accepted our invitation to connect.​

Our Services


We offer a highly managed, non-automated, GDPR compliant service, which works for you Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. You’ll always have a direct line of communication with your account manager.


We do the hard work ensuring your personal profile is suitable for the market you’re trying to target. Subtle changes will maximise your profile and companies’ approachability whilst accelerating your company to the next level.


We specialise in Linkedin lead generation at a super low cost to you. We have perfected the ability to grow your profile to reach heights most users don’t realise exist, so sit back and let us do the hard work whilst we build you a network of leaders, connections and most importantly quality leads.

Lead Generation

Unlimited access to multiple industries and its leaders through a tried, tested and very modern person-centred approach. This is the future of lead generation.

DATA Harvesting:

Included in our packages, you will receive a weekly spreadsheet with data obtained from all LinkedIn contacts that accept our invitation to connect. Note that this data harvested within LinkedIn’s terms and conditions and is only from the contacts that accepted our invitation to connect. This data includes:


First Name
Last Name
E-mail Address
Company Position
Connected date
Contact Number
Profile URL

Will You Get Results? Absolutely

The ProspectIn process starts with analysing your profile and optimizing it to strengthen your brand. We ensure that your profile is looking professional for effective marketing that will generate maximum connections and inbound response rates.

Our professional team implements a custom outreach strategy to build your profile credibility, visibility, and connections driving interest in your brand to get the best campaign results. Your package includes a redesign of your company and employee profile LinkedIn banner, so whether it’s desktop, tablet or mobile, your profile will appear professional and harmonize with your industry.

What makes us different?

We offer a LinkedIn management service that is fully managed by our team of experts. Unlike our competitors, we NEVER run automation on your profiles and risk them being shut down. Our packages are specifically tailored to expand your business community and subsequently drive high volumes of sales

Optimum Results

We work on your campaigns from Saturday to Thursday, excluding Fridays. Why is this? From our experience, we know that Fridays are not good days for networking on LinkedIn. Acceptance rates, responsiveness, and optimum results can be achieved within the stipulated days we work. So, we help save your investment while gaining maximum outcomes.

Fully Managed

We say NO to automation. All our work is 100% opt-in, and in compliance with LinkedIn terms of operation. We do not use bots, auto-responders, or any automation. We having dedicated teams of experts running the show. We advise you to avoid automation companies that can put your account at risk of landing in the IP LinkedIn blacklist.